PR Consulting

PR and marketing service in promotion lux brands 

1. PR support

  • Providing publications in print and on-line media;
  • Make up news of the brand / company;
  • Providing participation at TV-programs and video-projects;
  • Organization and support collaborations with other brands and projects.

2. SMM support

  • Make up an account concept (visual design, strategy, topics);
  • Content production (smm-plan, post texts, photo and video materials);
  • Social network management (content prodauction, regular social networks – running an account, promotion account + posts);
  • Providing activities with microinfluencers.

3. Website support

  • Providing content for a site (texts);
  • Translation and adaptation materials;
  • Production photo and video materials.

4. Creation a personal concept and promotion of a personal brand

  • Creature promotional strategy in social networks.
  • Make up a detailed content plan for a personal account (in one of a social network) and creature text and photo/video  materials for the site, blog, video blog;
  • Providing publications in print and on-line media;
  • Promotion personal articles in media;
  • Providing participation in TV - programs or web-projects as a speaker or expert;
  • Organization and control events, workshops and webinars with an expert.

5. Organization events and press / welcome tours

  • Organization of events (including golf tournaments), press-breakfasts / cocktails, press conferences, presentations, press/welcome tours (for media representatives and key-partners).

6. Brand promotion in a golf industry

  • Working with specialized media (providing publications);
  • Providing participation in golf activities;
  • Organization and support collaborations with golf brands and projects;
  • Providing interaction with golfers (in promo case);
  • E-mailing.

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