Final 2018 BMW Golf Cup International held at Skolkovo Golf Club

On July 29, one of the most prestigious international golf tournaments among amateurs ended at Skolkovo Golf Club: the BMW Golf Cup International 2018 Final met the participants and guests.

For the second year already, the qualifying stages and the National Finals of the competitions were hosted by the hospitable Skolkovo Golf Club.

The 18-hole course closest to the center of Moscow, designed by renowned architect Jack Nicklaus and marked by the prestigious international status of Jack Nicklaus Signature, left 81 golfer. At stake was a very valuable prize: the lucky three will represent our country at the international BMW Golf Cup International World Final 2018 Tournament.

Among women, 3rd place with a score of 37 points was taken by Alesia Sazonova. At the second stage of the BMW podium was Elena Striganova, who also scored 38 points. And the golfer, who will represent Russia at the World Finals of the BMW Golf Cup International 2018, was Stanislav Baichorova with a score of 39 points.

As for the strong half of humanity, among men in the handicap group 12.1 - 28, Andrey Atarov won third place with a score of 37 points. Oleg Pavlichenko is in the second position (40 points), and the leader in this group is Alexey Fendrikov (41 points).

Among men with the exact handicap value of 12.0 or less, Vasily Makarov was fixed on the third line (36 points). The fortune of Nguyen Xuan Thai smiled a little more, who also scored 36 points, but by additional indicators ahead of the bronze medalist. And finally, one of the main figures of the evening was Rohit Vijayavagiya, who climbed to the top of the standings with a margin of 2 points.

We are sure that the last event gave the audience a lot of memorable moments, and golfers - pleasant emotions and valuable experience.

We wish our top three athletes good luck, fighting spirit and accurate shots at the World Finals of the BMW Golf Cup International 2018!